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Carob Fire Review : Greetins From Southern California and This is My Grow Taller Review :

 I have to say that since I have used Carob Fire Max, I feel

like a whole different person!

My name is Julia  Peterson, and I'm a 24-year-old

girl from Southern California, who will turn 25 inNovember.

Everytime I was at a restaurant with my family, people would reach trays and objects over my head as if I was THAT short! I always had to dream to be 5'9". And

after hard work on the Internet, my dreams were about to become true.....

About eight weeks ago, I was 5'1-1/2", while I was doing research, I found Carob Fire. I immediately showed it to my Mom, who was 4'11". We discussed it for a while, and after a lot of persuation, we agreed that shewould buy the Carob Fire for herself, fist, since she wasthe shortest, and if it would work, she would buy me another.

When the Carob Fire Max arrived, my mother could see my disappointed face, and said we would share it until one of us grew and get another CAROB FIRE POT.

When I first took CarobFire , I liked its taste, that I

wanted to have one more drink, as my mother, liked it too.

I grew 0.5 cm after 5 days, but was a little

suspicious. And my mother didn't grow at all. She told

me if she didn't grow in three weeks, she would give

up. But I told her it would work time after time.

After four weeks of regularly taking Carob Fire, we both

grew 2cm! For me it was a lot, and I could already

feel the difference in myself.

Now after eight weeks or so, I grew from 1,57cm (5'1")

to 161.5cm (5'3-1/2")! I was sooo glad! I can even

feel the difference when I look over our kitchen

counter, or try to reach up to the cabinettes! Now I

won't even need a stool to put dishes up!

...Now I know there is hope to become 5'9"! I would

suggest everyone who wants to become they're dream

height to take Carob Fire.  Everyone can experience the

feeling of Height increasement...Those of you who

already have Carbo Fire and didn't grow. Either you aren't

sticking to their directions , or aren't taking it

long enough! I would even bet my life that Carob Fire works!

Best Wishes,

Julia Peterson

Thursday, October 8, 2020



"Thanks CAROB-FIRE ! I don’t have to wear heels all the time now! The product is so useful ! Keeps me motivated and healthier."
- Natalie Tanner, USA


"I had no trouble using crobfire. Imagination not needed!"
- Shaun Wong, Malaysia


"It’s been really liberating. The newly found self-confidence. New height really does wonders for the soul."
- Lovina, USA


"Carob-Fire is totally good. I am happy that I grew a little. Not as much as I hoped for but I am satisfied. Never thought I could still grow now after my school days."
- Brandon, Taiwan


"Comprehensive and complete? Definitely. It’s good to know about growing taller with Carob Fire and actually achieving it. Also, I enjoyed the additional tips ."
- Reena Whitman, UK


"Give Carob Fire a go! Unbelievable results. The best part is the few additional precious centimetres. Carob fire is indispensable"
- Matthew J., USA


"Asian men tend to be a little shorter due to genes. How WRONG I was. I took a chance with Carob fire . I totally re-educated myself about growing taller. And now I stand at a proud 5’6” compared to a 5’4”!"
- Glenn Tan, Singapore


"What can I say but a million THANKS! I look good but more importantly I feel great with my new found height."
- James Clifford, UK


"Truly Amazing! All I needed was this whole package – Carob Fire MAX . Great stuff! I wish I came across Carob Fire earlier. "
- William R., USA

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What does it mean to be tall?

 Ever since you started comprehending the adjectives that describe human qualities and

Grow Taller

appearances, tall has always meant “attractive”, “good”, and “positive.”

What does it mean to be tall?

Being tall can have different meanings, depending on whether you are a male or female. I’ll start with the majority of the men. For men, being tall means attractiveness, dominance, physical potency, and confidence. Men depend on these qualities to compete with other males for social positions and women.

Physically, a tall stature usually means that a man bears bigger skeletal structure as well as stronger muscles that power his body. In an evolutionary perspective, these qualities allow tall men to survive harsh conditions and protect his mate and offspring. Overtime, females recognize that tall men have better chances to protect their kids and propagate their genes and started choosing them over the others. This is why now most of the women are biologically predisposed to prefer tall men, or at least men taller than they are. But what about those couples with taller girlfriends that I see on the streets? Well, all rules have exceptions. Women prefer tall men, but when great guys do not happen to be tall (and the guys don’t care), romance sparkles. Height in many ways is just like pen*s size – women are comfortable with what their significant others have, but when they can make a choice, the answer is always clear. In short, height has become one of the primary elements of masculine attractiveness.

Men don’t just sit around and wait for girls to hit on them. That only goes for Justin Timberlake. Like all things, men have to compete with each other to get the girls they want. In the past 200 years, this has meant flowers, dates, and undivided attention. But in the Stone Age, it was all about the teeth and fists. In this case, our tall friends, with their more athletic muscle systems, were able to defeat the lesser and “propagate their genes” with the women they desire. This story doesn’t end here. Today, tall men usually do better in sports, which are not only a display of physical competence to the females, but are a source of their confidence as well. This leads me to another paragraph.

Many surveys across the nation indicate that taller men earn significantly more than their counterparts. Have you ever wonder why this is? Do employers discriminate shorter men? In some ways, the answer is yes. Tall men usually start harvesting the benefits of being tall in high school and college, where most of the sports and dating activities initiate. Because they are tall, family members praise them. Because most of them are considered attractive, girls giggle when they walk by. Because most of them are athletic, they score some major points in the games. Because they do well in sports and fights, and girls like them, other guys respect them and befriend with them. Because they are now cute, popular, and wanted by other girls, girls giggle even more when they walk by. See where I am going with this? This series of interactions between tall guys’ physiques and their environment builds up their confidence, which allows them to learn better, speak better, and communicate with people better. When their bosses see this, they realize that tall men are the answer to better client relations and more profitable operations. This is why they are getting those promotions.

Let’s move onto our gals. Before I start this whole discussion about girls and their heights, I want you to know that I’m not a girl, and I’m not going to pretend that I know how one thinks. I am just going to state what I think I know, feel, and observe.

Height also defines attractiveness in the girls’ world. But it works a bit differently. Although girls worry about their body images a whole lot more than the guys do, they seem to worry less about their heights; in my opinion, it’s the proportions of their bodies that they really care about. Besides breast sizes and waist lines, I think all girls want the perfect height between 5’ 7” (170cm) to 5’ 9” (175cm) where they can enjoy those long legs without worrying not being able to find guys who are taller than they are (indeed, girls with long legs are hot). But when they are unable to achieve such heights, they do not become as desperate as the boys do (most of our visitors are males). This is because they do not need to be tall to get along with guys; in fact, they do not want to be the taller one in their relationships. It’s actually their dream to have their guys towering over them (for most of them).

If you pay close attention around you, especially at school (high schools, colleges), you will notice that many of the tall girls (6’ 0” [182cm] and above) tend to be shy and hunch their backs and/or necks excessively. This is because they get less attention from the guys (and even girls) as their heights discourage them. The good thing is that they also tend to be nice; they are exposed to less of uh…bitchiness that usually comes with popularity. I get heartache every time I see a guy who is trying to grow taller so he can meet a nice girl who is trying to be shorter. Life is unfair, and that is a live example.

This article is purely my over-generalized definition of being tall. It is not based on any scientific fact or research and may not apply to everyone. After all, it is you who gets decide what it means to be tall.

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Helpo Growth Formula Ayurvedic – Review – How Effective is Helpo Growth Formula ? Is It Really Safe? See Details From Review

 Helpo Growth Ayurvedic is another formula I found on the internet that claims to make people grow taller.

Growth is usually a gradual process and the fact that everybody cannot grow to the same height, makes it dependent on various factors (genetic, gender, environmental, nutrition and some medically related factors).

Often times, several height increase formulations have been marketed on the internet most of which claims to achieve an increase in height within a few weeks of usage.

I usually ask, how do they tend to achieve such significant growth spurt? Will they by-pass the gradual growth process?

In line with the context of this review, Helpo Growth Ayurvedic formula for growth seems it has details that certifies its safety and efficacy. Who knows?

Let us go through, then review to find out because its some expensive pills !



Name of Product: Helpo Growth Ayurvedic Formula


Minimum Price: 4 Bottles – $799.00

Overall Rank (out of 100): 97 Points

Recommended Period Usage: 2-8 Inches In 12 Months

Refund Policy: Nothing Found for a Money Back Guarantee

What Is Helpo  Ayurvedic Formula ?

Helpo Ayurvedic Formula is marketed as a dietary supplement that when consumed help one grow taller.

This formula, according to the information found in retail websites where the formula was seen, originates from Nepal and Philippines and is often regulated by the government but main company is in Europe.

In the course of my investigation about this height increase formula, I discovered that it is found few websites on the internet marketed by different vendors.

According to the product’s description, result from Helpo Growth Ayurvedic Formula when consumed varies from one individual to another and most at times depends on one’s age and diet.

A supportive fact on this, as seen in one of the product’s retail website, is that the consumption of diet specific to one’s body type will increase the absorption of this product (Helpo Growth Ayurvedic Urea).

How do we determine our body type and the diet specific to it?

Though a retail website talking about the Helpo Growth Ayurvedic Urea devised a means to this by inviting a doctor to talk with if we wish, more is needed from the side of the product distributor’s/vendors/owners as we want to see an official website where compelling details about  Helpo Growth Ayurvedic Urea is described.

Helpo Ayurvedic Formula promotes to cause no long term negative effects. Fatigue is usually seen in consumers of the product according to the information seen.

From reviews discovered in various websites about this formula, users mostly complain of inability to sleep. I think the formula has profound effect on the CNS; the reason why it is regulated.

Get more details as you read through the review.

Helpo Growth Ayurvedic Formula Ingredient Profile

As a height increase formula, Helpo Ayurvedic Formula is said to incorporate proprietary blends of ingredients which included :

  • Helpo Growth Ayurvedic Formula
  • Oleum Nigella
  • Oleum Sesanoum
  • Tymus
  • Lavandulae
  • Mentha
  • Juniperuscom
  • Yoyoba
  • Rosmarinus
  • Aurantium

These are the few ingredients with which Helpo Ayurvedic Urea promotes to achieve increase in height.

The fact that Helpo Growth Formula Ayurvedic Urea is regulated yet marketed as a dietary supplement is questionable.

According to information obtained, how tall one would want to grow will determine the duration and the dosage of Helpo Growth Formula Ayurvedic Urea formula to apply.

The recommendation is that we apply  preferably  (morning, or night ) on the areas where the manual shows.  You just need to message it onto the body gently. 

However the monthly supplies are categorized considering the height one wants to achieve. .

Keep reading !

How Does Helpo Growth Formula Ayurvedic Urea Work?

Generally, pills/program which claims to increase our height usually has an effect on the secretion of the human growth hormone (HGH) or on the organ responsible for its production and regulation, which is the pituitary gland.

On the other hand, an individual’s age determines the extent of growth. It is known that people within the age of 16 to 25 are the fastest as regards gaining of height.

Helpo Growth Ayurvedic Urea Formula, according to details obtained, will achieve better result in people within this age range.

Description about this formula in several retail website shares that it elicit effect by stimulating the production of the HGH from the pituitary gland.

That is, when we take  Helpo Growth Ayurvedic Urea Formula, there will more secretion of this hormone, leading to profound increase in height.

Who Can Use Helpo Growth Ayurvedic Urea Formula ?

Obviously, Helpo Growth Ayurvedic Urea is for folks who are short and want to gain more height or for those who wish to add more inches to their height.

The product description shows that we can grow as tall as 8 to 10 inches more depending on the duration within, which we used the product (up to a 12 months course).

Yet, it would be expensive and cost thousands of money!

Information obtained reveals that Ayurvedic Urea can be used by individuals who are between the ages of 16 years to 35 years as it tends to be more effective in this age group.

Generally, from the age of 25 to 35, the pituitary gland is almost inactive; hence a loading period of Helpo Ayurvedic Urea is required for a significant height gain compared to people between the ages of 16 to 25 years (the fast height gainers).


The Positives:

  • Claims to Achieve a Significant Height Increase
  • Promotes Height Gain at any Age
  • Claims No Profound Negative Effects
  • Mentions it’s Permanent Results
  • Before And After Pictures Was Found
  • Safe and Effective to Use
  • Should Achieve Fast Results
  • Claims to have helped so many folks Gain Height

The Negatives:

  1. No money back guarantee statement or anything about a refund was found.

Customer Support/Guarantee

Under normal condition, this kind of product should have some guarantee, especially the issuance of refunds to unsatisfied customer users.

Nothing like this was seen even with the high price of the product.

In one of the retail website where Helpo Growth Ayurvedic Urea can be obtained, a section on the website exists where the confusion and usually asked questions by customers were answered.

Videos and pictures of testimonials about the product does add to its credibility. The formula states to be safe and effective for height gain.

The distributors or vendors can be contacted by mailing , whatsapp and phone.

Money back gurantee may be misused by some customers and the company can lose money. This must be reason for not giving money back guarantee.

Final Thoughts/Recommendations

Having gone through the details about the Helpo Growth Ayurvedic Urea Formula, we could observe that it claims many benefits as regards to increase in height. The information gathered so far will determine the fate of this formula as to whether we should resort to it or not.

At first, benefits and safety are promised from using Helpo Growth Ayurvedic Urea without any strong evidence to back up these claims. The fact that it is a regulated formulation is even a more reason why we need to see clinical and/or scientific studies behind it.


On the other hand, it claims to show results within the first week of the formula commencement, but actually I did find before and after pictures from a former user of the Helpo Growth Ayurvedic Urea Formula.


Well, I finally did it. My name is Jim Pavlados ( 5'9 and a half). I live in Montreal, Canada. I am a certified network technician. DATE: April 09/2018. I was searching the net every week, and trying new products every month to grow taller. But nothing seemed to help! Helpo Growth Formula increased my height and bone strength. It has really helped me gain an additional 4 inches at age 25. I recently set a personal record for squats in the gym and won my 9th consecutive championship in power lifting, because of my strong and dense bones. THANK YOU so much for your wonderful bone growth formula!


FROM: Vince.C. 26 years old (5'10). Montreal, Quebec, Canada. DATE: March 11, 2019. I used your Helpo Ayurvedic Urea for my health and body, although I was skeptical because on my prior bad experiences with so many other companies. Over the years, I've used every product available by prescription and over the Internet to grow taller. But they just did not provide any good results. . About five and a half months ago, I was introduced to your height boosting formula. Amazing!! I was in for a surprise; I had found a direction to my dreams. I don’t have to worry about my height anymore. Thanks ever so much. I find Helpo Growth Formulato be an extremely well designed, and well-built. It will assist anyone who needs to grow taller or who does any sports. Vince.


FROM: Martin Professional Model. 27 years old 6'1- Peoria, AZ. RE:DATE: Dec- 09-2017. This is a thank you note. All this effort has returned me to top lifting form again. It's mind over matter! I have been using Helpo Growth Formula for over 12 months now. Helpo  helped me gain instant energy! Not just a little energy but awesome energy and awesome health. Yes! Nearly every model and bodybuilder knows the importance of muscle mass, bone density, and nutrition. Best regards, Milad.




FROM: Alle (professional basketball trainer). 26 years old 6'3''- Toronto. CA. RE: Use of your Bone growth Kit.. DATE: March 11, 2019. Your bone regeneration technique was easy to follow and the fast results are great. Way Cool! I had been playing basketball for over eight years with almost no rest. My dream was to be 6’4”, and here I'm finally. After using your formula, I am almost the tallest (6’3”) of my team and students. But then I couldn't believe how strong my bones got over the past 5 months, and busted through my plateau! May God bless your bones growth team for helping me in gaining the 2 extra inches. Please do convey my gratitude to all.


Don’t leave yet, feel completely free to leave me some comments below or how has this review helped you? I would love to hear from you !

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Growth Boom Pro Reviews – Is It Worth The Price To Grow Taller? SEE HERE!

Growth Boom Pro by PROF. DR. ROBERT KISSINGER seems to be the NEWEST superpacked grow taller supplement promoting as the ‘the greatest scientific invention‘ to help us increase height to maximium results.
Yet, it could be true due to the high expensive price which I don’t think we will find a product for this price no where else out there. However, in life we usually get what we pay for, right!
It seems to me that the Growth-Boom Pro super products are very unique, and might be the new revolution to not only make us grow taller in a complete natural way, but also gain health benefits, muscle development, stronger bones and much more.
Not to mention, I am searching up plenty of information about these outstanding formulas and details about Prof. Dr. Kissinger (creator) where I noticed that he have been in the medical industry since 1992.
So lets take a quick second to find out why its so expensive, how it works and what it has to offer us, plus the users’ reviews!
This formula might just be exactly what everyone else have looking forkeep reading!

Name of Product: Growth-Boom Pro©

Official Authorized Website:
Minimum Price: Basic Kit 6 Month Supply – $1990 USD
Overall Rank (out of 100): 99 Points
Recommended Period Usage: 3-6 Months Minimum
Refund Policy: 6 Month Money Back Guarantee

What Is Growth-Boom Pro?

Growth Boom Pro promotes as the natural and fastest way to make short stature indivuduals taller without the need to put our bodies in stressed mode when used the formulas as directed.
According to its official website, they mention that it’s the “answer to your height challenges with ever-evolving combination of ingredients” which users can expect to grow a few inches in height with just the basic 6 month kit.
Looking over at the product’s information, they state that the formulas “delivers protein and calcium into your body where it is better absorbed and therefore more potent and effective“.
Also, I do read that it “improves the health of your soft tissue and muscles which in turn creates a strengthened, straightened spine, increasing the fluidity of your movement.”  

Now Prof. Dr. Robert Kissinger who is the creator of Growth Boom Pro and founder of Kissinger
Labs, according to his profile found, he have won several types of awards such as Albert-Knoll-Award and was awarded the title of an Associate Professor of Medicine based on his scientific experience in Germany country for short stature care and endocrinology (hormone deficiencies).
Unlike other “height growth products” out there in the industry, I do see multiple images, awards and recognitions, plus Kissinger Labs’ address and photo, which proves to me that Prof. Dr. Kissinger is a actually a real medical doctor.

How Does Growth-Boom Pro Works?

According to Prof. Kissinger Labs, Growth Boom Pro is a totally different type of height growth / health enahncement formula out there that we will not find it anywhere else.
They state that it “comes from years of innovation by dedicated” by professionals and inovated research documents to create this super product.
Growth-Boom Pro was developed with a super specialized blend with only natural effective and safe compounds found in the natual enviroment to make short folks grow taller and help achieve healthy muscle developlement as well as stronger bones and improve overall healthy well-being.
With these nutrition-based specialized formula, they contain superpacked of vitamins, nutrients, amino acids, and minerals that provides the fuel to our endocrine system which stimulate overall bone and skeleton growth.
According to them, these nutritional components will stimulate the pituitary gland to naturally allow the body to produce higher amounts of growth hormone.
They state that “this influx of the key hormone for growth, in turn leads to cartilage regeneration.  That extra growth of cartilage is distributed between your vertebrae, creating greater length between the discs leading to bone growth.”
Here’s exactly how it works in our body, according to product’s official website:

How to Take Growth-Boom Pro?

This nutrient packed formula called Growth Boom Pro seems to be very simple to use.
All I would have to do is take the recommended dosage amount as directed in the product’s label, with water and simply drink it.
They do mention that is a very delicious “yummy” super drink that will not only cause us to increase our stature by inches, but experience the health benefits as it claims.
Not to mention, they say that we can continue using any other vitamin regimen and our own daily routine that we will still experience a new growth spurt again, just like we did on our puberty years!
Check out Growth Boom Pro video here: 

GrowthBoomPro promotes as 100% completely safe since its a health nutrition-based natural enhancement that “taps into your body’s own, natural growth mechanism” to making the impossible very possible and grow inches taller in our height within short months.
Follow down to see what the exactly results we should achieve!  

What Are Growth-Boom Pro Results?

Looking over the Growth-Boom Pro primary website, the innovated formulas is for all types of people (male or female) of all ages and it achieves a 5-point power results, which are:
  • Increase height growth by inches taller within 6 months
  • Enhances daily vigor for healthy well-being
  • Improves stronger and thicker bone density
  • Achieve greater stamina and perfomance
  • Gain complete healthier overall body & mind

Other than that and as I mentioned before, Growth Boom Pro formulas will increase muscle development to help make users more fit, which you can rest assure to have higher confident levels, andby the extra inches that you should achieve by such products.
this will allow people to respect your new height and appeareance
As I’m reading through the product’s official website, it states that “looking better, feeling better and thinking better” will make you see the world as a exciting light and see yourself in a new transformation by being taller, healthier and happier version of your own self.
Keep reading!

Growth-Boom Pro Overview

The Advantages:
  • Increase Height by Inches Within 6 Months
  • 100% Natural Nutrition-Based Formulas
  • Improves Overall Healthier Body & Mind
  • Completely 100% Safe – No Side Effects
  • Enhances Stronger & Healhier Bones
  • UNIQUE & Differentiate Growth Formula
  • Increases Muscle Development & Frame
  • Helps Burn Calories for Fitter Body
  • Products Created by Professional Doctors
  • Very EASY to Consume – Convenient Delicious Drink
  • Enhances Stamina & Overall Perfomance
  • Improves Posture & Straighten Overall Spine
  • Previous Users’ Results/Reviews Were Found
  • Achieve More Confidence & Self-Esteem
  • Kissinger Labs / Company’s Profile was Found
  • Highest Quality Ingredients based on Product’s Price
  • Proven by Doctors & Teams of Professionals
  • 6 Month 100% Money Back Guarantee – Refund
The Disadvantages:
  1. Slightly Expensive Formulas – Yet, we get what we pay for. If the price is very high, it most likely will really cause 100% height growth RESULTS! See results below..

Customer Support/Guarantee

Kissinger Labs is located in Moscow, Russia and as I mentioned before, they are a team of professionals along with Prof. Dr. Robert Kissinger who is the main creator of such products.
According to the Growth-Boom Pro’s official primary website, they state that they provide 100% (24 hour 7 days) customer support where we can contact them at any time, any day of the week and they will reply to us within 24 hours.
They also mention to guarantee 100% customer’s satisfaction that this specialized nutrition-based formula is ONLY a success when we all achieve the height growth results we want!
Yes, that’s very good! Seems to me that they are really on top of game with their customer’s response and that is SUPER important to me.
Now regards shipping? They do state to ship worldwide internationally to whatever country we are in.
And to order and the payments? Growth Boom Pro authentic official website ( accepts Western Union payments, Bank/wire transfers and PayPal which PayPal platform accepts all types of debit/credit cards.


Finally, it’s time for my own conclusion of perspective and my own opinions on what I have to say about the Growth Boom Pro nutrition-based formulas.
First of all, we all know that this is a BRAND NEW formula that just had launched in the grow taller industry, which is also known that it is created by a proven professional medical doctor for effectiveness and customers’s safety.

That’s pretty good because we don’t really see much products out there that is backed up by real professionals like Growth Boom Pro.
Second of all, I am able to find a few reviews from previous users’s results, which does prove to really work to increase our height just like this guy named Louis Thomas S. found on his wordpress blog who achieved 3 cm in just a single month of using GrowthBoomPro especialized formulas!
Also, I found before and after photo to prove that it is very effective, and as you noticed too, not only has this person have grown taller, but his overall body figure seem more slim and fit / healthier. – Win-Win

Last but not least, the fact that Growth Boom Pro is expensive does show that it is very high quality products that we don’t see other height increasing products out there for this price at all. Which shows to me that if we order the formulas, we can expect a big transformation on our body, right!?!
Now based on these 3 main points above, I must say that it does prove to be a proven unique and innovated height growth formula that we don’t find it elsewhere based on almost a full decade that I have experiences with all types of height growth formulas.
However, due to its price, yes I do know that not a lot of people can actually afford it. Yet, it is much cheaper, safer and proven to be effective to make us grow taller than false claiming ‘grow taller’ surgeries out there. Not to mention a number of fake products to programs, etc in the industry and so.
In my personal opinion, after this review, Growth Boom Pro seems to be the most effective height growth formula out there in today’s industry that is completely safe and proven to work in increasing our height by inches which yes it is completely worth it from my point of view.
I personally expect ( to be all over the news and media in the next couple years when everyone finds out that this is the proven solution to make us grow taller! Check out the prices below: