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What does it mean to be tall?

 Ever since you started comprehending the adjectives that describe human qualities and

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appearances, tall has always meant “attractive”, “good”, and “positive.”

What does it mean to be tall?

Being tall can have different meanings, depending on whether you are a male or female. I’ll start with the majority of the men. For men, being tall means attractiveness, dominance, physical potency, and confidence. Men depend on these qualities to compete with other males for social positions and women.

Physically, a tall stature usually means that a man bears bigger skeletal structure as well as stronger muscles that power his body. In an evolutionary perspective, these qualities allow tall men to survive harsh conditions and protect his mate and offspring. Overtime, females recognize that tall men have better chances to protect their kids and propagate their genes and started choosing them over the others. This is why now most of the women are biologically predisposed to prefer tall men, or at least men taller than they are. But what about those couples with taller girlfriends that I see on the streets? Well, all rules have exceptions. Women prefer tall men, but when great guys do not happen to be tall (and the guys don’t care), romance sparkles. Height in many ways is just like pen*s size – women are comfortable with what their significant others have, but when they can make a choice, the answer is always clear. In short, height has become one of the primary elements of masculine attractiveness.

Men don’t just sit around and wait for girls to hit on them. That only goes for Justin Timberlake. Like all things, men have to compete with each other to get the girls they want. In the past 200 years, this has meant flowers, dates, and undivided attention. But in the Stone Age, it was all about the teeth and fists. In this case, our tall friends, with their more athletic muscle systems, were able to defeat the lesser and “propagate their genes” with the women they desire. This story doesn’t end here. Today, tall men usually do better in sports, which are not only a display of physical competence to the females, but are a source of their confidence as well. This leads me to another paragraph.

Many surveys across the nation indicate that taller men earn significantly more than their counterparts. Have you ever wonder why this is? Do employers discriminate shorter men? In some ways, the answer is yes. Tall men usually start harvesting the benefits of being tall in high school and college, where most of the sports and dating activities initiate. Because they are tall, family members praise them. Because most of them are considered attractive, girls giggle when they walk by. Because most of them are athletic, they score some major points in the games. Because they do well in sports and fights, and girls like them, other guys respect them and befriend with them. Because they are now cute, popular, and wanted by other girls, girls giggle even more when they walk by. See where I am going with this? This series of interactions between tall guys’ physiques and their environment builds up their confidence, which allows them to learn better, speak better, and communicate with people better. When their bosses see this, they realize that tall men are the answer to better client relations and more profitable operations. This is why they are getting those promotions.

Let’s move onto our gals. Before I start this whole discussion about girls and their heights, I want you to know that I’m not a girl, and I’m not going to pretend that I know how one thinks. I am just going to state what I think I know, feel, and observe.

Height also defines attractiveness in the girls’ world. But it works a bit differently. Although girls worry about their body images a whole lot more than the guys do, they seem to worry less about their heights; in my opinion, it’s the proportions of their bodies that they really care about. Besides breast sizes and waist lines, I think all girls want the perfect height between 5’ 7” (170cm) to 5’ 9” (175cm) where they can enjoy those long legs without worrying not being able to find guys who are taller than they are (indeed, girls with long legs are hot). But when they are unable to achieve such heights, they do not become as desperate as the boys do (most of our visitors are males). This is because they do not need to be tall to get along with guys; in fact, they do not want to be the taller one in their relationships. It’s actually their dream to have their guys towering over them (for most of them).

If you pay close attention around you, especially at school (high schools, colleges), you will notice that many of the tall girls (6’ 0” [182cm] and above) tend to be shy and hunch their backs and/or necks excessively. This is because they get less attention from the guys (and even girls) as their heights discourage them. The good thing is that they also tend to be nice; they are exposed to less of uh…bitchiness that usually comes with popularity. I get heartache every time I see a guy who is trying to grow taller so he can meet a nice girl who is trying to be shorter. Life is unfair, and that is a live example.

This article is purely my over-generalized definition of being tall. It is not based on any scientific fact or research and may not apply to everyone. After all, it is you who gets decide what it means to be tall.

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