Thursday, September 17, 2009

How to Look Taller

Want to look taller? Here's a few tips to elongate your appearance:

Lengthen your upper torso.

Wear a v-neck shirt, blouse or sweater.
Wear a vest with a long v-neck.
Create a long v-neck by buttoning the lower buttons of a cardigan.
Wear a v-neck camisole with a long open blouse.
Wear long sleeves or sleeveless styles to lengthen your arms.
Wear interesting buttons and slim ties.

Lengthen your legs.
Wear a knee-length skirt with similar-colored hose and shoes.
Wear a long skirt with heels. Try a pencil skirt.
Wear straight or skinny leg jeans with slim hips.
Wear high-waisted pants to elongate your legs.
Wear pants with vertical stripes or vertical visible seams.
Wear cuffless pants.
Wear boots with a heel or shoes with a thick sole.
Wear pants that cover the heel of your shoe.

Lengthen your entire body.
Wear dark colors.
Wear a monochromatic outfit. Wear a brown top with brown pants and a thin brown belt.
Wear a dark pin-stripe suit.
Wear a long dress with a plain or small print.
Wear a long coat.
Wear a tailored fit with princess seams and darts. A loose fit may widen your appearance.
Avoid waisted skirts and pants that create a division between your upper and lower body.

Try a ponytail or short haircut, without bangs, to lengthen your face and neck.
Wear a tall hat.
Straighten your posture while sitting or standing.
Lose weight. Staying slim creates a tall appearance.

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