Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Grow Taller Exercises

Again, no amount of exercise is going to add an exceptional amount of height, but at least you can work to undo or slow down the effects that time and gravity have on our height, and hopefully ensure your height doesn’t decrease as you age.

As far as exercises to grow taller go, it only makes sense that the areas you should be focusing on are the legs and spine. In fact, any exercises that stretch and strengthen the back muscles are definitely a good idea, as they’ll allow you to lengthen your spine and achieve as much as an extra inch or two in some cases but it is not permanent. You will shrink back in a month or two.

In addition to back exercises, it’s also important to stretch and strengthen your various leg muscles for the same reasons. Of course, the best thing is to develop an exercise plan that is quite varied and incorporates lots of stretching and muscle building exercises for the entire body, even if the legs and spine are the most important.

One final type of exercise that is becoming increasingly popular amongst those looking to stretch and lengthen their spine is through the use of an inversion table, whereby you hang upside down for a period and let gravity take the opposite effect and actually lengthen your muscles and joints instead of compacting them.

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