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How to Grow Taller During Puberty ?

 As we all know, puberty is the time that most of us have our biggest growth spurts and we tend to basically stop growing once it’s over. As the body begins to become flooded with hormones and starts to change from child to adult, most people experience a sudden, and often major, growth spurt. Nonetheless, the amount of growth we’ll experience changes from person to person and depends on a variety of different factors, most important of which is our genes.

Still, even if you come from a short family, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t a variety of ways you can help yourself to grow taller during puberty. In fact, puberty is the best time of your life to focus on your height, as you’ve still got a chance to add at least a couple more inches, and possibly much more. Still, before we look at the ways to increase your height before and during puberty, it’s first important to understand when boys and girls typically stop growing.

When Do Girls Stop Growing Taller?

   Girls tend to reach puberty at a younger age than boys and are also fully developed earlier, making it more important that they focus on increasing their height at a younger age.For most girls, they’ll

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completely be done growing somewhere around the age of 16, give or take a few years

When Do Boys Stop Growing Taller?

Boys naturally develop slower than girls, meaning that they have more time to increase their height while they’re young. In fact, although some boys are fully grown by the time they reach 18, many of them will continue to grow until they’re 21 or even older.

Tips for Growing Taller During Puberty

One of the most important factors in how tall you’ll eventually be is living a healthy, active lifestyle. Proper diet and exercise are both incredibly important in a person’s growth and development, making it vital that you focus on these areas during puberty if you hope to reach your maximum height potential.

Still, just as important is getting enough sleep, as it’s during sleep that the body produces human growth hormone, which is obviously the major factor that allows us to grow. This means it’s incredibly important that teens develop a regular sleeping pattern, otherwise they’re height may suffer.

While these other factors are definitely important and will surely play a role in how tall you’ll be, there still is nothing you can do to change your genes, but this doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be stuck being short. In fact, there are now a number of outstanding products available that have been shown to be quite effective at helping both teens and adults add a couple of extra inches to their height, potentially making them as, or more effective than anything else.

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