Tuesday, October 13, 2009

TADASANA -Grow Taller

Benefits: Improves posture, strengthens thighs, can help relieve back pain

1. Come to stand with the big toes touching.
2. Lift up all your toes and let them fan out, then drop them down creating a wide solid base. You can separate your heels slightly if your ankles are knocking together uncomfortably.
3. Bring your weight evenly onto all four corners of both feet.
4. Let the feet and the calves root down into the floor.
5. Engage the quadriceps and draw them upward, causing your knee caps to rise.
6. Rotate both thighs inward, creating a widening of the sit bones, and tuck your tailbone in between the sit bones.
7. Tone the belly, drawing it in slightly.
8. Widen the collar bones and make sure the shoulders are parallel to the pelvis.
9. The neck is long, the crown of the head rises toward the ceiling, and the shoulder blades slide down the back.
It may seem like you are just standing there, but bringing the body into alignment is hard work. The alignment for Tadasana carries in to many of the standing and inverted poses.



  1. Thank you for the info.

  2. super-growth worked for me ....

  3. hello i'm 21 ..
    when i'm 18 i was only 5 ft 1 in and now i'm 5ft 9in it's all credit goes to taadasana and i'm sure it affects after 18 ... and it works like magic after 4 months of daily exercise

    1. hai prabhaker garu. i have one doubt that this asana how many times i have to do per day. iam 18 & iam 5'5 .

    2. Kitne time aap roj karte the.Please tell me.

  4. yes tadasana work m a girl of 24 years even my height has increased:) just in a month

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  7. I am 27 years old.does tadasana will effect in dis age.plz reply immidiately

  8. Prakhar does it really increased your height

  9. My height stopded whn I m in 8th now I m in 12th could I can still grow

  10. Hi...
    Very nice post
    Good personality is a important in human life ayurveda is a best way to increase your height and make a good looks.