Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Now we will talk about some small things you can do concerning grooming and caring for yourself in order to appear taller. The first thing up for consideration is the way you dress. Generally you want to choose solid colors to appear as tall as you can. If you choose a top in a different color than your bottoms, you might actually look shorter.

Something else to remember is wearing vertical stripes can make you look slimmer and taller. The same doesn’t go for checked patterns or plaid shirts. Darker colors and light clothing materials also help you appear taller. Also, you should not forget that wearing ill-fitting clothes can make your body seem disproportioned and just draw more attention to both your height and the way you look. When it comes to purchasing a jacket or blazer, opt for those with plenty of buttons down the front. Ones with say, 3 buttons, will make you appear shorter.

Choosing one that is long in length, that ends 70right below the seat of your pants, can help you appear taller and add length to your frame. Do not wear turtlenecks as they make the neck look shorter. Instead, go for v-neck tops because they can add a great amount of length. Your pants will also make a difference in how tall you appear. Choose those that sit right above your hips to give you longer legs.

While the low-rise ones are the current trend, they sometimes make your legs look shorter so you aren’t achieving your primary goal. Also try not to wear any cuffed or pleated pants. Your shoes will also have an effect on your height and can be a great way to increase your height. Shoes that have a heel of any size will help you seem taller. Keep in mind that the taller the heel of your shoe, the longer your pants will need to be as well. Choosing pants that are too short for the shoes you are wearing can make you seem even shorter than you really are.

 71Chunky natured styles are a great choice because they hide your feet so they don’t appear to be too small. If needed, add some insoles to your shoes to get an extra height boost. Now let’s discuss your hairstyle. Men should actually avoid longer hair because they fuse with your shoulders making your neck look short and giving you a not so neat appearance. Short, well kept hair styles can add sophistication to your overall look. Lastly, pay attention to your physical appearance.

Heavy people tend to appear shorter and stockier than they really are. Keeping a lean physique can add length to your appearance and even add attractiveness. By remembering all these factors and implementing them will help you take the most advantage of your natural height. Test different outfits to figure out what your body looks best in and what suits your own personal taste.

One of the utmost important things you can remember during this process is that you should be comfortable in your entire outfit and appearance. Otherwise you may not be able to 72pull off looking taller because you lack the confidence thanks to the uncomfortable clothing. For further help visit www.super-growth.com


  1. By some alterations and tricks, one can look tall. It can help us to be more confident. My favorite is changing the way I dress.
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  2. I think the easiest way to get taller is wear an high increasing shoes like this one: men taller shoes .By some alterations and tricks, one can look tall. It can help us to be more confident. My favorite is changing the way I dress.